Designing with class and style

Hi! My name is Natalia Waśko and I know that if you are to succeed in business, you have to present yourself in a best possible way.

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I wish I could say that my skills are pure magic tricks. That however, would be a lie. They are nothing less than years of experience and further training. What do I actually do? I create all the necessary elements to distinguish your brand and – most importantly – to make it remembered.

Why me?

My logical mind works together perfectly with my imagination therefore creating expressive and tasteful solutions. I do my designs swiftly but also precisely and most of all – strategically. I single out of others by the complexity of offered services.

Good design

I have a sense of style which, unfortunately, is getting less common these days. I will not fill your website or leafleat with useless graphics or illegible font. Everything I do is very well thought through and coherent. Both content and graphics you will present to your customers with my help will be reasonable and clear.


Have you realized that pressure is the most common reason for lack of results? I work as a freelancer and I am personally responsible for what I do. I do not have any employees that may have a bad day or prove to be amateurs. I also do not waste time on discussing the range of activities with my co-workers. From the very start I am the one to talk to you, get to know your expectations and requirements and to offer the best solutions for you. That makes it a perfect deal which enables us to enjoy transparent and mutually beneficial cooperation.


I am very demanding of myself but my experience allows me to rationally estimate the time I need to get the job done. I realize how important it is to meet the deadlines which is why I never leave my customers uncertain. The time itself ill not guarantee you money, but being punctual will.

If you have any questions regarding the offer, please do not hesitiate to contact me


If you like the style of my designs – I am certain the cooperation will be fruitful. However, keep in mind that I always adjust the project to the requirements of the customer. I do have my own style, though.

Projekt banneru lub menu dla restauracji

"Ice-cream parlour" project

projekt w przygotowaniu
Projekt logo oraz identyfikacji wizualnej dla kapeli rockowej

"Mefedron" project

Visual identification for MW-Masaże

Projekt puszki na farbę

Paint can project

Projekty plakatów, identyfikacji wizualnej, infografiki - projektu studenckie

University projects

Customers opinion

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising

Mark Twain

Contact me

If you have any questions regarding my services or would like to start working with me – please contact me via email ( )
or via phone ( +48 607 068 296 ).

I treat every project individually, so the prices are different for every customer. The prices are affected by many factors which is why I first need to get to know your expectations to be able to present you with an offer.